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Spring Refresh

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Now that Spring is here, I felt it was time that I had a bit of an update to the practice for the benefit of clients. I have always believed that a safe, confidential, and peaceful space was important. To that goal, I have made some important updates to the consulting room, and feel that this is a good opportunity to remind you of the other amenities that are available:

New Chairs. These recline, have foot stools, and swivel. You can be as comfortable as you need or want. I encourage you to make yourself at home, kick your shoes off and relax!

New Décor for a fresh look that is pleasant and easy on the eye, and encourages your relaxation.

A bean to cup coffee machine that makes coffee an experience as well as refreshing. Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano and Tea (if that's your thing). Decaf is also available!

I have a toilet available for clients to use. It's hard to relax if you need the loo.

  • As the Pandemic wanes, there are some valuable practices that are still as relevant. I have hand sanitisers available, gel and wipes, the consulting room is UVC and ozone sterilised between sessions.

  • Continuous air filtration.

  • I have wired and wireless phone chargers available for use, USB C, Micro USB and lightening connectors.

  • I accept all major debit and credit cards, via a contactless, wireless terminal (cleaned if a PIN is required).

  • You have the option to pay when booking online or in person at the time of your appointment.

  • Free off-road parking.

  • All support materials are provided free of charge.

  • Full air conditioning / climate control.

If you, or someone you care about is looking for support or help you can book counselling or coaching with me at There is no benefit for suffering in silence, it takes real strength to seek out help when you need it. Private therapists, such as myself, are trained and available to help. It really is worth the money to get yourself back up to speed, consider it as an investment in yourself.

To add perspective we may spend hundreds of pounds on decorating, or garden improvements, or our car. Why not invest in your mental wellbeing and get the most out of your everyday life.

If you need an appointment, follow the link. Taster sessions are available, a kind of a ‘try before you buy’, so there really is nothing to lose.

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