Remedy IBS

Remedy IBS

This recording, helps Remedy the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with the power of self hypnosis. Your symptoms almost certainly impact on your quality of your life. The mental impact of living with IBS can be equally devastating.


It can be hugely difficult to plan your daily activities, let alone social life. The symptoms restrict you and add to your stress. This stress in turn adds to your IBS symptoms. This is a truly vicious cycle, as stress is known to be a major factor in prolonging and exacerbating IBS.


The good news is that both the physical and psychological effects of IBS can be reduced and managed very effectively with the help of hypnotherapy.


This recording includes a carefully written, guided imagery, embedded suggestion, metaphor and other advanced auditory techniques, to provide you with symptomatic relief from IBS, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.


This recording, ‘Remedy IBS’ has been composed and arranged expertly to help produce a healthier functioning in your gastro-intestinal system.


You will already be looking at your diet, and other stressors in your life that are adding to your IBS. This is not a cure, in and of itself, but repeated listening can help to change your inner perspective of IBS, and support your subconscious mind to bring your Gut back into balance.


Self-hypnosis is an inherently relaxing experience and IBS is known to worsen by stress. Relaxation is definitely good for your physical and mental health, especially in a busy and demanding life.


Break free of the hold that IBS has on you once and for all!


Disclaimer: This is not a cure for IBS. You should always consult a doctor to rule out any other underlying conditions or if your symptoms deteriorate. Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results vary from person to person.