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I work out of my peaceful, private wood cabin in my secluded garden. The Therapy room is private, airy and designed for your comfort, relaxation and confidentiality. 
There is off-street parking, the room has fully air-conditioning and there's comprehensive air filtration added for your safety and peace of mind. There are toilet facilities available.

As an experienced counselling professional, my goal is to enable you to understand and then deal with the issue that is getting in the way of your peace and enjoyment, relationships or career.

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You've taken a great first step by looking for help, my goal is to help you resolve the issues affecting your health, your relationships, your work or your quality of life.


I know that choosing therapy can feel really difficult. We may be mistaken in thinking that we have somehow failed at life, because we can’t sort ourselves out.


I think that we fail when we don’t get the help that we need. If we get an injury or become unwell, we go to the doctors, who are trained and have the resources to help our recovery. Therapy is similar in that, when we are unwell in our thoughts or feelings, we can get help to get them better too. Whatever is causing you the distress could be recent, or from the past, it could be changes happening around you or to you.


It is thought that women are generally more comfortable talking about their feelings, but there's often a need to explore issues a little more deeply, to understand the problem, and to get to the bottom of the effects on our daily life. This is a benefit to therapy that is far beyond chatting to even your closest friend.


Seeking therapy can feel even harder for men who are often brought up to believe that showing any emotion is weak, or soft or even less masculine.

As grown men, we may feel we have to be strong and hold it together and never talk about what’s upsetting us.


Keeping any issues buried can affect our home life, work life or career, family life, sex life, our self-confidence and self-esteem, or it can negatively affect your general happiness.


Once you're ready to work through an issue, the thought of talking about it to a stranger can feel frightening ‘I don't know where to start’ is often the first thing that a client says.


Let me reassure you that there is no topic, subject, feelings, events or thoughts that are silly, ridiculous or embarrassing that you cannot discuss. Whatever you want to talk about is fine, you will not be judged, there is virtually nothing that I will not already have encountered. Most importantly, confidentiality is a cornerstone of our therapeutic relationship.


Choosing a therapist can also feel quite daunting! To make this easier, I offer a free taster session where you can meet me, ask any questions you have, or simply chat. The taster session can also help you decide if therapy is right for you with no obligation, no pressure, and no cost. Sessions can be via zoom or face to face, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Book your appointment online on the booking page or call and I can book it for you.


However or with whoever you decide to address your issue, don't wait.

Life really is too short.


Chris Haygarth

Front Line Police Officer, Fire Fighter or Ambulance Crew?

To recognise the incredible work that you do and the often difficult and traumatic experiences that you are a part of, 

I offer you a significant discount of £15 OFF per session, if you need to just talk things through or you want to address issues in a confidential and supportive setting.

You don't need to carry the after effects with you through your work or your personal life.

In Person and Online  Appointments available.


Wandering Traveler

Get the Most out of Life

Counselling / Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are approaches that enable you to look at what is getting in the way, or holding you back in a particular way or part of your life.

This can be from past events, trauma or underlying beliefs that can keep you back or suppress you. Talking therapies are finally losing the stigma they once held. It is one of the best things that you can do for yourself to enable you to become the very best version of yourself. Making sense of your life and your past can free you in the present and let the future seem brighter.

Invest in your health and happiness, do it for you, your family and live a truly authentic life.


Career and Personal Coaching

In some ways this is like counselling, you will discover what you want and what is limiting you. Unlike counselling, you will be given tools and challenges to sharpen your focus on you, to overcome limitations of self doubts and damaging self beliefs. You can examine your current thinking and behaviours and get advice on what and how you could do things differently.

Options available are one-to-one coaching, online or in person. There are comprehensive individual or group online courses too.

You have many more options available to you to get the career or life that you are looking for.

Why not check out the advantages of Coaching for yourself?

Sat on the Rocks

Embrace Life's Challenges


Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With these coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to deal with whatever life may throw at you. Understanding the differences you have together gives a greater understanding of reactions and actions. This understanding helps to bring appreciation for each other.



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